PATIENCE (n. from Old French: patience; from Latin: patinetia)

                                 “Patience is the level of endurance one can take before negativity…” Wikipedia


After a week of howling winds, I lay in bed this morning to yet more grey skies and torrential downpour. My level of patience is always tested at this time of year, and I admit, I’m struggling with negativity. The final fierce days of wintry weather challenge me before the arrival of the gentle warmth of spring. Mother Nature has been cleaning all of the dead limbs from the trees, even uprooting a few ancient ones. Her rains wash everything that is left and give me a poignant understanding of the term ‘spring cleaning’. Yet, at the farm, the ducks are ecstatic, and the fold for the sheep is full of the scent of sopping wet fleece and the immanent birth of spring lambs.



I strode out in the wind and rain this morning, through the mud and puddles, one hand grappling with a big yellow umbrella and the other pushing the wheelbarrow to fill with hay for our four sheep. Although I would much rather have joined the cats and dog in front of the fireplace, it did give me the opportunity to visit the new lambs. There are newly born twins today, one white and one solid black. I look forward to the first sunny day when they will leave for the big green pasture, jumping ecstatically as only lambs can do…I think I might jump with them this year.




Frankly, I am without patience waiting for Tòti Bleu’s chassis to arrive from Poland; there is still a looming question mark as to exactly when I should expect it. We have found a source of lightweight, strong and weather resistant wood that can be delivered, but I can’t place an order until I know when the chassis is to arrive. We plan to build the housing much like constructing a small plywood boat, gluing everything with epoxy rather than using screws. We’ve researched epoxy availability and found a good source, but like the wood, I need to wait for news of the delivery from Poland.


In order to temper my impatience, and to take my mind off of Tòti, I have gathered all of my gardening books, sorted through all my seeds, and set to planning this year’s garden. During the few clear days of March, I prepared the beds for planting, breathing in the scent of the promise of Spring. I’ve also finished reading a hefty book, The Memoirs of Leni Riefenstahl; reading her story, I was reminded that we all struggle with difficulty and negativity, but we can only realize success with perseverance.


I am not in total agreement with Wikipedia’s definition of patience. I believe we must be patient and keep our level of endurance through the negativity. That’s when miracles occur.

The daffodils struggling to bloom through the snow in the painting above is an image I will keep in my thoughts as the days of waiting continue.




Scott Ecelberger sent me this photo of the completed centerpiece for the stained glass window he is creating for Tòti Bleu. What a talented artist he is!  I am not familiar with the process so he also sent photos and an explanation of each step. Thank you very much, Scott.


A poem for your reading pleasure:


0 sweet spontaneous

earth how often have




fingers of

prurient philosophers pinched





has the naughty thumb

of science prodded



beauty, how

often have religions taken

thee upon their scraggy knees

squeezing and


buffeting thee that thou mightest conceive





to the incomparable

couch of death thy




thou answerest


them only with




—-e e cummings



About Suzanne

American living in France. Artist and lover of nature, gardening, all living beings. Married to the love of my life, mother of two wonderful daughters and grandmother.
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4 Responses to Patience

  1. N2 says:

    Hope you are having more Spring weather to make the waiting pass more easily and to encourage that garden to grow. x0 N2

    • Suzanne says:

      Yes, we’ve had sunny weather, frollicking lambs in the pasture and vegetables starting to appear in the potager. Today is a soft spring rain. Ecstasy under a red umbrella watching raindrops on the pond, ducks chattering, and ferns unfolding with a backdrop of birdsong. Bisous,s

  2. Suzanne, What a wonderful heartfelt post. I love the painting and the photos of the lambs. Baby animals give me a sense of hope. Since you are one of the most patient people I know, I have no doubt that your heart’s desire is right around the corner.

  3. love the patience definition!!!

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