These days, I work to balance impatience. I find that if I keep busy while never letting my dream get lost, the days pass rapidly. I am always hopeful that far away in Poland, Tòti’s chassis, which I think of as her skeleton, is taking shape. Then, one day, out of the blue…..


These photos arrived by email a few days ago. The paint, wooden platform, lights, and a few other details are not yet done but it looks almost finished. I asked that the steps in the back be cut off. I could imagine tying the horses there to feed and groom them after traveling all day. I would not want their legs bumping into that solid metal. However, Mr. Szymanski has sent word that the steps are easily removable and attached when needed. The wheels–I simply love; they look like they will be able to carry us over any type of terrain. I think I see a rack for a spare tire just behind the steps. I hope so. The next challenge will be transporting the chassis to France.

I have completed planting the vegetable garden. The calendar I follow for planting by phases of the moon told me to wait until 17 May for the haricot beurre and the winter squash. They were planted yesterday. Now every space is filled. The entire garden is weedless and I have built a trellis for the peas (which I am very proud of). I love watching them grab hold of the string and climb.



It has been an extravagant gift to spend time enjoying the changes in the garden each day and marveling at the tiny seedlings struggling to survive. Each variety has its own significant personality and the fragrance of the different herbs is intoxicating. I was surprised at the scent left on my fingers after thinning the minuscule coriander seedlings.


There are several badgers who visit us at night, munching on the sunflower seeds the birds throw out of their feeder. Last night they climbed the vegetable garden fence and pulled up all the blooming strawberry plants looking for worms. I was taken aback to find this catastrophe, but now the strawberries have been replanted and can recover from the shock. We have ordered a battery operated charger so that we can string two strands of electric ribbon around the garden. I hope this will deter them from climbing the fence in the future.


Sanding and repainting garden tables for friends has kept me busy on sunny days. Since the paintbrushes and paint were handy, I have finished repainting a small storage house as well. With scrubbing and painting, it has become a space for my studio.




I discovered an idea on the internet that appealed to me and so I have adopted it: Each day I take a photo and write a small caption describing a moment that made me happy. I will try to do this every day for 100 days. At the moment I am on day 18. And so…..the days pass with many happy moments, and the dream takes shape and becomes solid. Nature is full of the vibrant colors and energy of youth. I find it difficult to choose just one happy moment.

These activities really do help to balance my impatience!



My daughter, Ashlyn, sent me a book that some of you may find interesting. I have spent hours looking at the photos and reading the stories.

If you are interested in horse drawn vehicles, you may wish to check out the website of  the company in Poland that is building the chassis for Tòti Bleu.  It is pure pleasure to take a tour of their various models.



About Suzanne

American living in France. Artist and lover of nature, gardening, all living beings. Married to the love of my life, mother of two wonderful daughters and grandmother.
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One Response to Impatience

  1. Hi Suzanne, I can here the excitement and happiness in your writing. I love your studio and of course, your lovely watercolor. The chassis looks quite substantial and I can understand your impatience in having it finished. I can’t wait to see what color you will paint it.

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