Excitement Reigns

Mark and I were enjoying our lunch in the garden under a brilliant blue sky, enjoying the soft breezes, and watching the chickens, the birds darting all around us, and the two cats lazing in the warmth of the sun.The phone rang, interrupting lunch; it was my friend Adam phoning from Poland to tell me that the truck with Tòti’s chassis would be arriving in the nearest village, Soreze, in minutes. I leapt from the table, got in the car, and headed down the challenging winding mountain road to meet the big blue truck and lead it up the mountain.

After our hellos, driving slowly up the mountain road, I watched constantly in the rear view mirror, sensing immediately that the Polish truck driver was not accustomed to driving up steep, switchback mountain roads. As we made the turn onto our dirt lane, I stopped and ran back to talk with the navigator and his helper. “Catastrophe! Catastrophe!!”, was all he could say. (I understood immediately, even though I know five words in Polish. Catastrophe must be universal, so now I know six words in Polish.) It was obvious that we should stop and find a solution for traversing the final mile. Leaving the truck with his helper, the driver came with me to look at the final mile of the bumpy dirt lane leading home: low hanging branches forming a tunnel, deep trenches from winter rains and snow, and a small space to turn around in when finally arriving at our house.

The continuing litany of “catastrophe” uttered between us, made it clear that we would have to unload the chassis where the truck had stopped–and find a way to pull it home.

When we returned to the truck, the two men swiftly detached the trailer, and began to untie and unload my chassis. To my surprise, in addition to all the necessary attachments for a horse or horses, a bar for towing with a car or tractor had been included with my chassis. This was swiftly unwrapped and attached to our car. Finding that the hitch on our car was too big, the drivers quickly found some webbing material. Wrapping it securely around the hitch, off we went, leaving husband Mark to watch the truck, the truck driver driving our car, me in the passenger seat. and the other man sitting on the hitch to make sure it held securely.

Thus Tòti’s chassis arrived home safely as an unexpected caravan of the four of us silhouetted against the blue of the sky. We thanked the drivers profusely, handed them a bottle of good French wine, and waved them off for their return to Poland.


When I met Mr. Szymanski in Poland and toured his factory some months ago, I knew he did excellent work and I trusted him. However, this is my first attempt at such a project and I am not at all confident in making the necessary decisions. I was never totally sure exactly what I would be receiving. The huge language gap did not help as well. The chassis is far better than I ever expected. I am amazed!


Thanks to my very dear friend, Adam, everything went very smoothly. I have known Adam for many years, and I feel we are connected through many generations. This project could never become a reality without the support and love of friends and family. For me, it emphasizes the importance of the people in my life that I love and trust, how connected we all are, and how blessed I am manifesting my Toti Bleu dream.

Next we are ordering the wood to build the housing, and Mark is my guiding light in this. With his research and help, we have found very interesting sources. I will write more about that later.

I hope you enjoy the photos, as there are many. I have photographed many details for those of you who may be considering building a horse drawn vehicle of your own.

Storage bin opening on both sides


comfortable step up

brake pedals for front and back brakes plus emergency brake


Extra wheel


Detachable steps



Goood bye and thank you

Do widzenia i dziękuję



About Suzanne

American living in France. Artist and lover of nature, gardening, all living beings. Married to the love of my life, mother of two wonderful daughters and grandmother.
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6 Responses to Excitement Reigns

  1. Gwynn says:

    Your dream is becoming a reality. How truly awesome and so very exciting. The possibilities are endless.

  2. Suzanne, the chassis looks quite substantial. I am happy that the delivery went rather smoothly. Can’t wait to see it in July.

  3. Maria Pietri says:


  4. lindacoleman22@orange.fr says:

    Suzanne and Marc, So excited for you, the chassis looks so beautifully made. I did paint a picture from your photo, with some small variations , artistic license, I will send you a photo and exhibit it at viviers les montagne this july and try to sell it for toti blue, Love from Linda and Si

  5. N2 says:

    How wonderful! Now you have the foundation on which to build your dream caravan. Can’t wait to see it. Love. N2

  6. Nicole Lemaitre says:

    This is very exciting for you Suzanne. It looks amazing…now the real fun begins! Can’t wait to go on an adventure with you when it is finished!

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