The long days of summer are whizzing past. We are blessed with a beautiful season this year. Soft warm days, cool nights and dramatic thunderstorms have made July a joyful month. Mother Nature seems quite happy in our secluded corner of the world. Miles of bright yellow sunflowers, golden fields of ripe wheat, and freshly cut hay, raked into long undulating rows, form an extraordinary patchwork of beauty. Our small garden is overflowing with vegetables and flowers, bees and ladybugs. In June I planted 4 tiny plants that were labeled Butternut Squash, but now the vines are taking over the entire garden. The squash are dark green and we are estimating their weight to be over ten pounds each already. I hope they are edible. I'm impatient to know just how much they will weigh by autumn. We don't use any poisonous products. I pray for the day that all dangerous pesticides disappear from the world.

Bella is growing into a bright but mischievous friend, terrorizing our cats and sheep. She has redecorated the living room in Early Puppy Style. The sofa is covered in a hand-woven antique sheet, artistically paw printed in a rust colored mud motif. The rugs and accessories have disappeared, to be replaced with partially chewed shoes, socks, toys and plastic bottles, completing the trendy casual look. However, with only a few minutes a day of practice, she is walking nicely on a leash, although it is often difficult to know who is walking whom. She sits, lies down and shakes hands when asked if she's positive a treat is forthcoming. Today was her first picnic and swim in the lake.

Scott Ecelberger has finished the stained glass window for the back of Tòti and it is a work of art. The colors are perfect. I love the turtle he has created for the centerpiece of the window. It is standing tall with head held high. It looks ready to stride out into the world. My daughter, Dana, will be hand carrying it from the states in September. The day we place it in Tòti's back wall will be the day that Tòti's heart begins to beat. Thank you Scott!!

I have been driving off each morning to work, repairing and painting windows for a friend. Meanwhile Mark has been building the framework for Tòti's walls. The two side walls are framed and held temporarily in place on the chassis. He is now working on the back wall. Last weekend we worked together mixing epoxy and gluing all the pieces together. Each side wall frame weighs only 11 kilos. So far we are pleased with the Paulonia wood, and the Entropy Resin is easy to work with. We are assembling everything in a garage with the doors open and I am not aware of any epoxy odor.



About Suzanne

American living in France. Artist and lover of nature, gardening, all living beings. Married to the love of my life, mother of two wonderful daughters and grandmother.
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8 Responses to Progress

  1. My dear wonderful friend, just take care of your precious self.

  2. Ann Marquis says:

    Suzanne, I love your sunflower paintings and of course the stained glass is wonderful. What a beautiful caravan you will have. You have a very good life and I very much appreciate your joy and enthusiasm..

  3. N2 says:

    So glad to see the progress on dear Toti and your smiling face. Sounds like you are having a lovely summer, as are we here in CA. I am off to Whidbey Island next Sunday for my writing camp, back home on Aug 11 and only a month at home before I run off to France Sept 17. See you there. x0 N2

  4. Nicole Lemaitre says:

    Suzanne you look so happy framed in the window of your beloved toti. Your descriptions of the nature surrounding you are so evocative. Have you got some good summer squash recipes? I have promised myself to make it back there to see you all, pat beautiful Bella and go for a joyride in your beautiful wagon. Sending you lots of love, Nicole xxxx

    • We do very simple things with summer squash. My favorite is just to slice it thin the long way, brush on olive oil, salt and herbes de Provence, then put it on the BBQ. I’ll be hoping you arrive when we have the horsepower and are ready to roll. Miss you and Mark.

  5. leo hobaica says:

    Suzanne, I cannot get to this at the moment, medicine has worn off and I will be amping up for the trip tomorrow. I will look at it when I have landed and settled in. Big hug to you and Mark, and congratulations on the anniversary. I love you. Leo

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