Toti’s Home from Winter Storage


Spring is glorious this year. Although the skies are grey and spitting rain, and whooshing wind makes me walk with my head bent down, it is still glorious. Each year it seems the grass is greener, the flowers more abundant and the forest richer, but this year I'm sure it's true. I know spring has arrived when there are leaping lambs, hundreds of them, bundles of wooly joy and mischief filling the pasture with ecstatic life. I didn't see it happen but I was told that Vanille tried to steal a newborn lamb, creating a problem. Now she has to stay in another pasture but the lambs and ewes are nearby.


We brought Tòti home last week but the rain has forced us to wrap her up with a big blue tarp. I had two days of sunshine before the grey clouds covered the sky so I quickly stapled up the wool insulation over the sleeping area and stretched the ceiling fabric. It changed the sound quality inside, making it feel cozier. Mark, who doesn't give out compliments easily mentioned several times that it looks great. Thanks again to Natasha for the great ceiling fabric. The magic unicorn is watching me while I staple the wool insulation around the bottom half of the interior walls.

My bedroom for the night

In April, after a miserable battle with a very nasty virus, I was invited to travel with friends to the festival, Welcome in Tziganie. This was the ninth edition of the festival and my first visit. It is held each year in Seissan. It was an opportunity to visit with The Roulotte Papillotte family, meet friends of theirs who spent many years traveling in their roulotte as storytellers, and dance a bit to lively music. My favorite was the Barcelona Gipsy Balkan Orchestra. You can watch them on youtube. All three of the Roulotte Papillotte wagons were at the festival and I slept in the beautiful blue one.

With Jean François' help I have sent my order to the company My Draft Horse in Ohio for a collar and driving reins for Vanille. Since the collar must fit properly, and be of excellent quality, we chose this company which has a good reputation.

Vanille is looking great! She has lost nearly all of her winter coat and the dapples are starting to appear. Her hooves have chipped up which is worrying but the blacksmith should be here in a few days and we will discuss a different approach to trimming. Since she is not working, I don't want to put shoes on her. Her disposition is wonderful. She gallops around full of joy in the pasture but is gentle, loving and respectful. I lead her out to a rich grassy pasture for several hours each day. To do this we have to pass through some difficult barricades that are temporary structures for the sheep and lambs. I know she must be impatient to get to the grass but she is never a problem to lead. She's going to be a pleasure to travel with!




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American living in France. Artist and lover of nature, gardening, all living beings. Married to the love of my life, mother of two wonderful daughters and grandmother.
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  1. ashlyn says:

    The ceiling looks great! Yay!

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