Winter Cometh

Photo by:  André Hemelrijk  (

The mornings are silent now. The mist that enshrouds our mountaintop at this time of year begs for a blazing fire in the woodstove. Vanille has covered herself in a new winter coat and she is looking forward to some months of rest after a season of work. She happily pulled us in Tòti for over 100 km this season. She is a generous horse, never balking at work, ears forward and always marching on with equine joy at her 4km an hour pace. Our longest trip was 18 km with quite a lot of uphill work. I plan to long rein her around the farm for our pleasure on gentle days this winter and also to do a little work teaching her to lower her head so that I can more easily attach the bridle. I am just too short! In the afternoons I will enjoy taking her to a patch of green grass and daydreaming while she eats. I can string an electric ribbon un-electrified around a yummy area and know that she will stay, happily munching.

I am painting and decorating Toti’s doors. It’s a job that takes weeks. First there’s a coat of very liquid epoxy, then sanding. Next are 3 coats of red paint on both sides. Now I’m painting the decoration, gold accents. Each step requires time to dry.

My spinning wheel has been put in front of the fire and my stack of books awaits cold weather. Like Vanille, I’m looking forward to resting and dreaming of spring. We hope to enjoy trips with friends, and a few long trips with overnight stops in some shady grove. Winter months will find us planning and dreaming.

My daughter Ashlyn is working on a book of our Tòti Bleu experience from idea to realization.

I just discovered an interesting site, a young woman who has been traveling for four years in her gypsy wagon pulled by two horses. Her book is available and I am trying to buy one but her website is making it difficult. She is French and her book is written in french but she also has a book of photos. Her website is:


About Suzanne

American living in France. Artist and lover of nature, gardening, all living beings. Married to the love of my life, mother of two wonderful daughters and grandmother.
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2 Responses to Winter Cometh

  1. N2 says:

    I will be thinking of you spinning dreams and reading in front of the fire this winter. Let me know your dates for SF so we can rendez-vous on this side. Bisous, N2

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