June news and photos.

Summer is here, hot and sunny and bright. The flies make life difficult for Vanille. We have convinced her to spend the hot days in an ancient root cellar that is cool and dark. It's a big space with a vaulted roof. Many years ago potatoes, carrots, and apples spent the winter there. We created a paddock in front so she can go in and out. At night she can romp in her big pasture. She has had lots of admirers in the past few weeks. A group of people came up to watch the yearly sheep shearing and wandered over to visit Vanille. Lots of smiles and compliments! Friends from Toulouse with a little girl 3 years old went for a nice long ride in the caleche and afterwards we had a barbecue.

The side windows and sliding shutters have been fitted and now I am painting them. The shutters are painted red and once painted the Z isn't so obvious. They're beautiful. I'm waiting impatiently (my middle name) to finish all the painting but I have to wait until Mark is finished with the roof. The windows and shutters were a lovely gift from Jean Francois.


Mark has been fairing the roof and studying how to fiberglass it. The plan is to do this last big job next week.


The sunflower gussets are fitted but not yet glued.

We're still taking nice long rides with Vanille and the caleche. She's doing great and I'm becoming much more relaxed about driving. These hours slowly rolling on forest trails are pure pleasure.

I've been very careful about her weight and we can see a big difference in her fitness this year.

She always gets a shower after working and I have been braiding her mane for fun.



About Suzanne

American living in France. Artist and lover of nature, gardening, all living beings. Married to the love of my life, mother of two wonderful daughters and grandmother.
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3 Responses to June news and photos.

  1. hilarie10 says:

    How lovely Vanille looks in braids. Tres chic! Do you do her tail too?
    I have been painting too – resealing all of our outdoor pots, which were looking just awful. A nasty, sticky job but probably not as bad as your fiberglass roof. I don’t envy Mark that job.

    • Suzanne says:

      Vanille says thank you for the compliment. No I don’t braid her tail. I think painting is great therapy if we use bright colors. Your pots must look beautiful!

  2. N2 says:

    The roullotte, Mark, Vanille and You are all looking fabulous! Sending love, N2

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