Buckminster Fuller said ” Love is metaphysical gravity”

Our loving friend Samuel


I belong to several groups on Facebook. One of the groups is Aging Horsewomen and there are over 40,000 women in the group. The other groups are interested in Comtois horses, draft horses, barefoot horses and horses that are ridden without a bit, some with only a neckrope. I realize that Facebook is often criticised but for me it has opened up a huge world of information. Recently someone asked a question on one of the groups that at first seemed like a bit of nonsense, but it stayed with me and brought up lots of thoughts. The question was “How do we know that our horse loves us?” Quite honestly I don't ask the question. For me it is just a feeling. How do I know my husband loves me? How do I know our dog loves me? I just feel loved. How would you answer that question?

What is love anyway? Is it totally different for each person or each animal? Do we truly believe that animals have emotions? How can we not believe it? Why does there need to be scientific research on the subject?

I wake up at 6 every morning, kiss my hubby, have my coffee, throw on jeans and a shirt, grubby shoes, and head out to see Vanille. If I'm not rushed to go somewhere I take her out for half hour or so to eat in a lush grassy spot, I check her over and at this time of year put a non chemical fly repellent on her, then I clean her stall and fill it with bedding, and fill up her water. By this time the sun is high in the sky and I'm in need of a good shower. When she sees me arrive with the halter she talks to me in a soft voice, slowly comes toward me and lowers her head for the halter. We spend an hour or so together, just being together. She is careful and gentle with me. We are just quiet and peaceful. For me it is a loving moment. No one enjoys picking up manure and cleaning a horse's stall but I do it without complaint. When I ask Vanille to work she does it willingly, I might even go so far as to say she does it lovingly and happily. For me this is love. People who see her always say she is so beautiful but she is beautiful because she is loved. I feel happy when I am around her, I smile, and I have energy because she is so eager to please. This feels like love….to me.

What feels like love to you? Do you feel loved by your horse or dog or cat? Why? Why not?

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A wonderul young woman came to trim Vanille's feet. We are continuing to improve her feet with the absolute decision to never use iron shoes. Yes, it's complicated but we're seeing results and she has boots.


This amazing British woman, Daisy, 73 years young is traveling to Scotland and back for the Brain Tumour Charity. She's doing it ALONE with two strong and beautiful horses.






When I have the time I'm still long reining Vanille without a bit using the Zilco Flower. We're doing great!


Dana tried out the saddle on Vanille. There was no problem and my dream is to eventually ride her.

Ahhhhh…these sweet summer days. Long hot afternoons spent snuggled on the bed in Toti, a cup of tea and a biscuit, birdsong, soft breezes.










Our fields are being transformed into huge rolls of hay for winter.

Summer is not all laziness. I had to repaint the flowers on the sides of Toti and repaint the trim on the doors after an endless winter of rain and fog and snow. Monster mildew! This year our challenge is to find a place to put Toti under roof.





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American living in France. Artist and lover of nature, gardening, all living beings. Married to the love of my life, mother of two wonderful daughters and grandmother.
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4 Responses to LOVE

  1. Carol Wilkins says:

    Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it and know it’s there. Have you read The Tao of Equus?
    God bless horses!

  2. Love the “love” entry! I miss our friendship but reading your blog is a small way of having you in my life. I was excited to read that you are going to ride again! Women like you and Daisy are such an inspiration!!! I work with 20 year olds (at a ranch) so sometimes I am reminded by proxy of the things that I cannot do anymore. Then I stop and look at all of the things that I am still doing. As we know, just walking is a huge blessing. xxx

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