Creative by disposition, I find  that living simply, close to nature and surrounded by animals nurtures my creativity and fills me with joy.  I am blessed to live in France, to share my life with the man I adore, to be the mother of two wonderful daughters, and to have lived long enough to be a grandmother and a great grandmother.  I still feel like I’m 20 years old until I look in the mirror.

La vie est belle!


S with Vanille



6 Responses to ABOUT

  1. Carol Wilkins says:

    Hi and Wow!
    I’m not very computer savvy, but I came across your site while trying to research aging horsewomen. I’m going to share this with my daughter because she loves horses and is considering building a tiny house!
    It looks to me like one can only access aging horsewomen by face book. I don’t face book. Could you share my ploy with them or anywhere else where there could be anyone that might like to invest in horse property in the U.S.?
    I am seeking animal loving investors that could buy our 10 acre animal sanctuary at IRS auction (great investment, worth over 1 million, probably get it for half!) if need be. I don’t want to see the 8 horse herd moved (one is 35 years old!) or separated.


    Very Sincerely,

    Carol Wilkins

    • Suzanne says:

      Hi Carol,
      Would you like me to post your gofundme site on FB? I’m happy to do that if you wish.
      Sure hope you find the right person. Suzanne

      • Carol Wilkins says:

        Dear Suzanne,
        That would be a HUGE help! Thank you so much!
        Have a beautiful day!
        God Bless You!!

      • Suzanne says:

        OK, It’s on FB. How do people know where and when the auction takes place if they’re interested? I’m so sorry, so deeply sorry. I hope something positive happens.❤️

  2. Suzanne says:

    Thank you Annie. I’m very happy that you will be a new friend and it will be wonderful if you come back to visit with your husband. Let me know if I can help you design that trip in any way. Lots of love to you!! suzanne

  3. Annie Hooten says:

    Thank you so much for welcoming our group to your home yesterday. It was a real pleasure meeting you and I love your calm beautiful spirit. Thanks, too, for the wonderful peacock feather you graciously offered me. I will treasure it always.
    Good luck with your gypsy wagon. I will now be following your blog and can’t wait to see your next adventure. I hope one day to be able to come and visit and bring my husband. I am also very excited to hopefully catch up with your daughter when we visit Port Townsend next July.
    Until we meet again
    Love & hugs
    Your new friend Annie

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