Be a Part of Tòti Bleu

There are several ways you can be a part of the Tòti Bleu experience.

An easy way is to purchase a digital download of Toti Bleu;Dream of a gypsy wagon. $7.99  (9.9mb)


Buy Now


Money from book purchases will go towards the creation and operation of Tòti Bleu, and the happiness of the horse who will power Tòti Bleu through the beautiful French countryside. Add a note if you would like to receive postcards from time to time.

Be a patron of the arts by donating more than 100 Dollars/75 Euros and choose an original watercolor painting as featured in these blog posts.  P1110849Visit the watercolors page to see what paintings are available. You can make your request by contacting me.


Send your favorite pet photograph and receive an acrylic portrait as a thank you gift for your contribution of $200 or more. See details and some examples of these paintings on the Pet Portraits Page.image_2small

Other perks for smaller donations are being created.


2 Responses to Be a Part of Tòti Bleu

  1. Suzanne says:

    Thank you my dear friend. I have such beautiful memories of Swallow’s Nest.

  2. I want to be a patron of your art #1 toto Bleu. I would like to pay you $110.00 by my paypal.
    How do I do that? Stuart and I were going to do that, but instead…built the houseboat, swallow’s nest is it’s name. I love you. chichi

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